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Aide Rios

Indie Author

Aidé Rios is a self published Indie Author. Her first book Poetry, Witchcraft is available for purchase now. Poetry, Witchcraft is a book of collected Poems and Stories written in the form of a Timeline depicting learned relationship lessons, traumas, and self love. 

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Poetry, Witchcraft

I believe that Poetry, similar to Witchcraft, can make others feel and see into others’universe through it’s verse and artistry. Being a writer or an artist of any kind is a very powerful thing. Poetry or Witchcraft may not affect those who don’t believe in it but it will always serve the artist in their healing or even in a haunting memory.  

You can purchase my book online by clicking the link below! 

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Marriage Ceremony

Marriage Advice
Bad Advice by Yours Truly

Jesus! Have you read my book??!! Wow. Marriage. I like to think that in a Perfect Universe you would find a partner that is emotionally, mentally, and sexually mature enough to respect your boundaries and be honest with you when it's over. Someone who won't sneak around. 

I think it's important to be honest with ourselves and be loyal to ourselves and our needs first. If we can do that we will never be where we are being hurt, manipulated, unhappy or dissatisfied in any way. This will keep us from being dishonest with our partners as well. I believe this to be true. The way we treat ourselves we will treat our partners. So find someone who is all those things. Someone who is sure of themselves, comfortable, and confident in their own skin. Someone who is mentally healthy and prepared to commit to a partnership. I don't know what you look for in  a partner but make sure you are worthy of what you seek.  Do the work so they don't have to. I think everyone looks for different things in a marriage and this may not be the answer you were hoping for. I don't think we should lose ourselves in another person. What happens when they're gone? I hope you can carry your own happiness with you and be willing to share it with someone else. Happy and healthy marriages for the future. <3 

"Let them see how big you spread your wings, and let those who admire your freedom join you in your flight." - Aide Rios

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Couple Enjoying the Ocean View

Should I break up with my bf?

Bad Advice by Yours Truly

I believe in living your truth. If you feel pressured by family or society to be in this relationship it's probably not enough to stay. Set boundaries, this is your life not theirs. No one gets to tell you who to be happy with or how. It's really hard for me to give my opinion on this because if a man does the slightest thing to disrespect a woman my answer to friends always is "Dump him!". Sometimes as a joke but there's always truth behind it. There will always be someone who will live up to your morals and ideas of what love is. I think the best advice I can give is that when you seek a romantic partner don't look for someone that has money, career, or status. Be the one with money, a career, and if you want ... status. Be the woman of your life. Never leave your career for a man. Never leave your future in the hands of a man, Fight for your own. Be of value for yourself. Do not think of yourself as less in their eyes for what they have or who they are. Give a fuck about yourself and love yourself first. Don't worry about what family members, friends, or the world says about you or your past. If the relationship brings you more grief than peace it's not healthy. Don't just be with someone because they are good. Be with someone because you love them. There are plenty of good men you can actually be in love with. It starts with doing the inner work. Seek therapy and heal your inner wounds so that you may engage in a healthy relationship with a healthy human being in the future. 

"I love you too Richard. But I love me more." Samantha Jones, Sex and the City

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Super Health Food

How can I lose weight?

Advice by Yours Truly

I am currently in my Hibernation Mode. But I do think it is important to have a healthy, daily habit. I don't think losing weight should be made a priority over getting healthy. I say this as I lick cheese cake off a fork. I think it is important to know your body and how certain foods affect it. All you have to do is listen and pay attention. Certain foods will drain your energy, bloat you, sometimes you may feel out of breath. Eat the foods that make you feel satisfied and light weight. I think our body is always talking to us. Just like our Soul speaks to us. Our Heart speaks to us. Listen to what it is consistently telling you. You have to make a change if you want to see changes. Food fuels your daily life. Another thing that can make you more aware of your food intake is MyFitnessPal App. I use this when I don't exercise and more when I do. Working out will burn more calories and your body will need more food to fuel it. I also get guided on how many calories I need to consume for my height. I am more aware of foods that are not as good for me as I thought. You can follow @thenourishingdoll on Instagram for healthy suggestions. Another thing I learned from the internet is that Sugars get stored on your side or at least mine. I know that in order to get rid of my muffin top I need to stop using creamer in my morning coffee. But I won't. Exercising will help too. Instead of candy I stock up on fruits and snack on that instead. I don't store chips at home unless it's Hot Lays because they're so scarce and hard to find. Ultimately you need to find ways to stay healthy within your daily routines. It can get hard but there are so many companies that make it possible. I use Factor for food prep at times, buy fresh pre made meals when I am too busy or unable to cook. I stay away from anything that is made in factories, frozen, or shakes that promise miracles. I should have mentioned this as a priority but the most important thing is to see your Primary Healthcare Physician for your Yearly Physical. They'll draw blood, and see if you are lacking in Vitamins or high on anything your body really shouldn't be high in. Take care of yourself. Be aware of what you're putting into your body and the repercussions from it. My final warning would be, Stay Away from Trans Fats. And finally, don't listen to me, listen to your Doctor... and your Body! <3 

"I wasn't concerned with my posture when I leaned into her healing. There were no mirrors reflecting my belly rolls off to me, as we sipped another beer." -Aide Rios, Poetry, Witchcraft 

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Pink Chair

Dating App Advice. I never get any matches.

I have a few friends that have had success stories coming from dating apps that have led to marriage with kids and healthy long term relationships. I think it is very important to be clear with your intentions and try not to mislead your potential matches. If you are on there make sure you know what you are truly seeking and what you are ready for. Be real with yourself first and foremost. Now, photographs, don't waste our time. No Group pictures. We don't want to guess which one of your friends YOU are. Single pictures that do not hide who you are or what you are like. Keep it simple with no obstructions. Maybe a comic con fun picture of you to show your fun side. Drunkenness is not fun to look at if you're seeking a serious relationship. Don't be ambiguous with your Bio, be precise and to the point and add some charm. :D Try expanding your range. Our hometown is small. There may be people on the outskirts of town you may have a lot in common with. Use your character, stay Classy and respectful at all times. Be safe and have fun. <3

Bad Advice by Yours Truly 

"Not all who Wander are Lost." - Unknown

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Image by Arnel Hasanovic

"Drink wine. This is life eternal. This is all that youth will give you. It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” - Omar Khayyam

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