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Hearts, Harps, & Leaky Faucets by Sean Thomas Lavallies

You’ll fall in love with a woman you’ve never met before through Sean’s poetry. He describes being in her eyes so well that you know her, you’ve met her, you’ve loved her.

In this lifetime or in a past.

Sean is a beautiful self published Poet from Houston, Texas Who has been writing poetry since he was in Elementary School after watching Harriet the Spy. You’ll want to read his book in one sitting and you do. Time no longer exists only poetry. He has a way of making you feel what he is feeling, Reach for what he is reaching for, Putting a smile where a smile should have always been. He embodies romanticism itself without it feeling any bit heavy. 🤩 The hope and lightheartedness of Love lives in his book. You will feel it through him.

Thank you Sean for this book! Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous soul with us all.

You can find Sean’s books on by following the link in this post. You can also follow him on Instagram where he shares more of his poetry under the IG handle @sean.thomas.poetry

“Love was always capable

of repainting chipped walls

and rebuilding the bridges she’s burned

in the wake of a fight;

it could heal wounds quicker than time

and restore faded glories to shine.”

- Independent, Page. 41. Hearts, Harps, and Leaky Faucets by Sean Thomas Lavallies

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Cannot wait to read the book !

Aide Rios
Aide Rios
Mar 20, 2022
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Let me know what your favorite poem is.


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