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Hello, Beautiful by Kris Duncan

We’ve all received that text, “Hello, beautiful.” oh the dread! Missing someone and submitting to the role they’ve written us in.

Kris Duncan will take you on a journey of loving the person who is all wrong for you. There will be moments of triumph and silver lining only to fall back into their arms again. We’ve all been there and it’s a beautiful memory to have and to relive through Kris’ poetry. You will gasp clutching at your chest as you feel her passion through her words. Kris’ writing reminds me of fairies in a garden. She writes in such a way that you will find yourself in a forest of her words lighting pain and love in such an enchanting way. I began to dog ear each poem that moved me with emotion until I realized I had dog eared nearly every page. I had to stop and acknowledge that the book as a whole had just become one of my favorite books of poetry.

Kris Duncan is an Indiana based Poet who has been writing for over 30 years. I first came across Kris’ work over 5 years ago, when she was hosting an Instagram live poetry reading. She showcased poems to a community of poets and poetry lovers, introducing my work to others and other’s work to me.

She lives a fairytale of her own with her Daughter, her Pembroke Welsh Tinkerbell, and two tuxedo cats Gus and Scout.

You can find Kris Duncan on Instagram as @poetica.ex.machina for more of her work.

Her book is for sale on Amazon by following the link ❤️

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