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Chasing Myself by Caroline White

Caroline White is a Poet who brings awareness to OCD, depression, and anxiety through her beautifully written book, She writes through grief and depression from the loss of her Father highlighting low depressive episodes, anger, and her journey through it all.

Chasing Myself is a beautifully written book that makes you look at your own grief and emotions. At one point I was unable to continue reading. There were emotions that began to rise after I had thought to have suppressed them long enough for them to go away. But that was not the case. As much as we try to drink it away or sleep it away, there are some things we need to deal with straight on. I put the book away and a friend of mine from this book club encouraged me to keep reading. I wanted to run away from those emotions as I always did but Caroline shares how she overcame this as well. And I am glad I continued reading.

Caroline shares her journey through unhealthy coping mechanisms that only lead to self destruction to working toward healing and healthy ways to cope. She shares cherished moments with her dad that at one point were borderline pestering, like a song made to tease, now becoming a song that brings his memory alive with a smile. I will never listen to Sweet Caroline the same again. She will always be tied to that melody.

The best thing you can do for an author is read their book. Thank you Caroline for sharing your vulnerability with the world. Thank you for normalizing depression. Thank you for helping me heal from the past. And thank you to anyone that reads this book. Thank you for encouraging me to finish and read through the pain. It was hard but hard was necessary.

This book will forever hold a special place in my heart. I hope it helps anyone that comes across it too. I hope you heal and find healthy ways to deal with your emotions. I hope you don't run. And if you do, I hope it's to replace the bad habits that drown your emotions instead of setting them free.

All my Love and Good Intentions. <3

You can purchase Caroline's book by following the link below.

Caroline goes by CWPoet on Instagram. You can follow her here

Taken from 'I'm in Charge' page 115

' ... when 4 o'clock rolls around

and I feel your cruel itch

I grab my running shoes,

hit the road,and I make you my bitch.

Good morning Depression,

I'm in charge today."

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